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Essential Massage

The Healing Benefits of Essential Massage

Are you looking for essential massage services from a professional who offers registered massage therapy and trained in various techniques? Come to Above Gravity Massage Therapy, where perfectionism meets skill for the most relaxing environment and effective therapeutic massage services. 

Here, my professionalism, skilled hands, and anatomical knowledge combine for the perfect massage. help heal muscle groups and create a sense of complete relaxation. Many of my clients return to the clinic time and time again for pain relief and relaxation.

As a registered massage therapist, I am recognized by insurance companies, whereas the non-registered therapists are not. As a registered massage therapy, I hold a two-year degree  in massage therapy. I have extensive training in anatomy, kinesiology, muscle mechanics, sports injury, orthopaedic assessment and remedial exercise. This training sets me apart and gives me the knowledge I need to create an effective registered massage therapy program.

Contact Above Gravity Massage Therapy to schedule your next Ashiatsu (barefoot) massage, hot stone massage, relaxation or deep tissue massage. If you have any questions about a specific technique or a condition you may have and how essential massage may affect it let me know during your scheduling call. I want to be sure you leave my massage table feeling better than you did coming in. 

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