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Hot Stone Massage

Are You Looking For a Massage Therapist Trained in Hot Stone Massage?

At Above Gravity Massage Therapy, we are trained and skilled in the practice of hot stone massage. This is a type of healing massage that uses special heated stones that are placed on specific areas of the body. This relaxes the muscles and applies deeper pressure without using fingertips. The stones can also be used as gentle tools to massage the body as well. Many people report the experience as highly relaxing, and soothing to muscle aches and pains.

Warmth is a key element to a true healing massage and the warmth of the all-natural stones is incomparable when it comes to results. These smooth stones are effective for the deepest massage possible with less effort and maximum results. You can expect your hot stone massage to happen similarly to any other relaxing massage. You will lay on your back and the stones which are warmed perfectly in a specialized machine will be placed in anatomically strategic areas along the spine and sometimes in the palms of the hands. Some stones will be left in place while others will be used to perform a deeper massage for best results. 

Whether you are new to hot stone massages or have had plenty, book with us at Above Gravity Massage Therapy. With the help of our trained massage therapist, you will find out why this form of therapy has been providing excellent results for ages.

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