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Hot Stone Massage Certification

Hot Stone Massage Certification

black bassalt stones used in hot stone massage

*Increase your income while reducing strain on the body 

The Stone Massage Company's in-class Hot Stone Certification Course is available in Winnipeg, taught by Stefanie Suschenko. The course is approved in Manitoba by the MTAM for 30 primary CE Units and up to 15 CCP credits from the NHPC. The one-day class will be held at The Massage Therapy College of Manitoba from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm. Our up-coming course dates are as follows:  Sunday, October 23; and Sunday, November 27.  

Investment $310.00 

Please email me at or call 204-229-1305 to register early as classes fill up quickly. Sign up through me, or online at Course material includes a 100-page, fully illustrated manual complete with a DVD.  

Topics include: 

· How to perform a hot-stone massage full-body routine  

· History of hot-stone therapy  

 · Properties of basalt stone and other types of stone 

· Effects of heat and cold on the body  

· Contraindications and modifications of hot-stone therapy  

· How to heat and care for your stones  

· How to cleanse and re-energize your stones   

· How to incorporate aromatherapy into hot-stone therapy  

· Integrating chakra work into hot-stone therapy  

· Setting up your therapy room and getting started as a hot-stone therapist  


This course requires 1 day of in-class training, a take home exam, and 5 hot stone massage case studies to complete the certification process. Students must have access to a hot stone set in order to complete the process. If needed hot stone sets are available to purchase. It is best to place this order a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to the course to ensure they are available for pick up on the day of the course. 


For more information, please check The Stone Massage Company's website: 

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